Nimiq / Blockchain campaigning

Jungle Fever

In early 2017 we flew to Costa Rica to join a technological jungle adventure, unlike anything we ever experienced before.

Nimiq is an Inuit word for an object or force of connection and unification. Our client thought of Nimiq as a good name for an revolutionary idea: a entirely browser-based blockchain, written entirely in JavaScript.

A web-native Blockchain eradicates the need to download anything, to register anywhere and - most importantly - to understand how it works to be able to use it: The holy grail of Blockchain mass adoption.

With the Testnet in the final stage, we took up UI, UX, and campaigning. Next, Nimiq was holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to fund the production of a fullon ecosystem, truly decentralized and with minimal entry barriers.

The web interface of the nimiq miner: A live view of all nodes and their connections.

Honoring the technological possibilities Nimiq works with, we developed an interface that is, as one of the founders described it, ‘so easy, your Grandma could use it’.

With one click, users are enabled to connect to the Nimiq Blockchain and become a ‘first class’ citizen. This means he can mine Nimiq with his desktop computer, laptop or even a mobile phone.

In sync with with the platform, ‘Cashlinks’ allowed to send money as a plain link, pasteable in any text message. We challenged the interface to follow the simplicity of the tech.

Besides the UI and UX, we engaged in project marketing. Many of the stages an ICO goes through are similar to the ones of a fundraising campaign.

Our activities included building the website, defining wording and tonality, steering community and social media efforts, PR outreach, and ICO specific communication measures, such as announcements.

We learned by doing and contributed to US$18 million being raised in less than two weeks.