Digital Intelligence as a Service

Hi, we are overnice.

Our work follows a different paradigm: Actions > Words. We are convinced:

  • Fun > Money
  • Innovation > Dogma
  • Quality > chop-chop
  • Form = Function

We, that's Julian
 and Tammo.

We met and fell in love while studying together. Since then we have been working as a team for big and small, German and international, private and public clients.

We always fight for the best solution, are always honest and challenge everything. By doing so, we dare our customers. But we are convinced: That's what it takes to deliver work that's true to our commitment and true to what our clients deserve.

In case the project scope demands it, we activate our talented and trusted network.

We provide consulting and implementation. Our services:

Digital Communication. Everything we do is strategic. We develop communication strategies that just seem like somebody spontaneously said the right thing, at the right time, at the right spot. In practice: Marketing and communication strategy, product launches, digital marketing, social media stuff.For instance:Auswärtiges Amt

User Experience. We engage the time a user spends interacting with a product and make sure that it's a good time. In practice: Research, common sense, concept, user journeys, interface design and development.For instance:Talentwunder

Contemporary Internet Culture. We know what's up. In practice: Trends, values and tonality in the internetz.For instance:ICSC Istanbul

Nexus digital and analog. The internet of things. We build bridges and break barriers. In practice: Digitization, augmented reality, industry 4.0No case here yet. We got the skills - do you got the project?

Websites. The heart of digital brand communication. We develop intuitive concepts and unique designs which we implement with the latest web technologies - always focused on the strategic target. In practice: microsites and homepages for desktop and mobile devicesFor instance:PomplunspanierSven GessnerCalm

Cool ?

+49 (0) 160 36 36 113 (Tammo)hello@overnice.deOr meet us at .Imprint